September 2011


In line with our goal of "Constant Improvement," over the past few months we have added a Digital Panoramic X-ray machine that will better allow our Doctors to diagnose any issue you may be having.  Our Digital Panoramic X-ray allows us to make x-rays of the lower half of your face, including your teeth and jawbones, without having to place those little sensors inside your mouth.  Once in a while, we might still need to use our traditional intra-oral x-ray for close-ups of areas, but most of the time, we will not need to.

Each of our treatment rooms is now equipped with Digital Intra-Oral Video cameras.  We will use these to both capture your oral examination in full-motion video, as well as to show it to you on our new 27-inch LED monitors.

We are so excited that our next operating room is nearing completion.  Once completed, it will gives us six state-of-the-art operating rooms in which to serve you.   All of our rooms will be equipped with the most up to date equipment, including digital x-ray units, LED television monitors, ultrahigh speed handpieces, and TV's in each room.  Our patients will be able to enjoy watching their favorite TV shows, or see their X-rays and IntraOral Video Examinations on full-size TV screens, so that we can better explain, and you can better understand our treatment recommendations.