Summer 2014


In line with our goal of "Constant Improvement," over the past year we have added several new pieces of equipment.  The one that is most interesting is our Cerec Scanner and crown mill.  This brings CAD-CAM technology into our hands so that we can provide you with a permanently cemented crown on about an hour.  No impressions.  No temporary crown.  No waiting.  No second visit.  We call it our Instacrown.


Our doctors attended the Invisalign Certification Course in Naples.  We are now a Certified Invisalign provider.  In addition to this, we have developed relationships with ClearCorrect and Specialty Appliances, all excellent aligner manufacturers.  So when you're ready for that beautiful straight white smile, we can help.


We have added several Doctors to our staff to help broaden our skills and abilities.  Dr. Seth Gilson and Dr. Kathy Boillot are both Nova Southeastern University graduates.  Both are fine young dentists who are passionate about providing the best care possible for you and your family.  In addition, Dr. Boillot has been providing Botox and Juvederm to patients for more than five years, and with great results.


With all the information coming out about how gum disease bacteria can migrate from your gums to affect your heart, blood vessels and other organs, we decided we ought to have a Periodontist.  This is a dentist who specializes in diseases of the jaws, gums and supporting structures.

Dr. Matthew Fien is a graduate of Columbia University, and his focus is primarily on the illness that is gum disease, and its correction.  In addition, Dr. Fien has taken advanced training in dental implants.  He has placed over 2,000 dental implants, making him among the most highly skilled doctors in this field.



Fall 2011

Our plan for Constant Improvement has caused us to purchase a Digital Panoramic X-ray machine that will better allow our Doctors to diagnose any issue you may be having.  Our Digital Panoramic X-ray allows us to make x-rays of the lower half of your face, including your teeth and jawbones, without having to place those little sensors inside your mouth.  Once in a while, we might still need to use our traditional intra-oral x-ray for close-ups of areas, but most of the time, we will not need to.


Each of our treatment rooms is now equipped with Digital Intra-Oral Video cameras.  We will use these to both capture your oral examination in full-motion video, as well as to show it to you on our new 27-inch LED monitors.


We are so excited that our next operating room is nearing completion.  Once completed, it will gives us six state-of-the-art operating rooms in which to serve you.   All of our rooms will be equipped with the most up to date equipment, including digital x-ray units, LED television monitors, ultrahigh speed handpieces, and TV's in each room.  Our patients will be able to enjoy watching their favorite TV shows, or see their X-rays and IntraOral Video Examinations on full-size TV screens, so that we can better explain, and you can better understand our treatment recommendations.